Clicksor Advertising Review

Clicksor are one of the largest CPC advertising networks out there; one of the most frequently recommended and used ones at that. When searching for a reliable source of income or a steady source of reliable traffic it’s often beneficial to turn to one of the ‘internet advertising giants’.

The fact that is that Clicksor is a CPC network with a high conversion rate and good quality traffic. So let us put aside any objections for right now, and delve into some objective facts.

Clicksor’s website makes it obvious that it is a big and reliable company. While the page itself is not provided with a detailed description of the company or its history, there are a lot of quotes from satisfied clients. A brief Internet search confirms that these reviews are, indeed, the real deal.

Clicksor advertises itself as a low cost, high-conversion advertising solution. The ads will appear on the content sites within Clicksor’s network and the search network. Clicksor innovative technology scans our publisher’s content, which ensures that ads are placed only on the specific page that contains content targeted to suitable audiences.

To start advertising on Clicksor, you need a deposit of $20. To do that you can use your credit card, check, Wire Transfers or Paypal. With the ads being dynamically priced, based on your target audience, it is hard to gauge a specific price. However, with a bit of luck it can get as low as $0.01 per visitor.

Clicksor accepts global traffic. The prices vary, because of the now-almost-standard dynamic bidding system, but they are not unreasonable.

Because of how widespread personal computers are, any geographically targeted campaign will work well for us. Clicksor software is extremely well-spread and generates a high quality of traffic even in the usually “cheapest” locations.

I’m a little conflicted about Clicksor; the fact is that every computer user regards adware as a nuisance. Annoying as it may be, it is also effective. What do we do with that? I suppose the most efficient way would be the pragmatic approach. As the saying goes: “If it seems stupid, but works- it ain’t stupid.” Or in this case, if it seems annoying…

If you think Clicksor’s CPC advertising is suitable for you, by all means: go for it!